2021 Calendar

All activities are currently being held on Zoom.
To obtain the Zoom link or for questions, contact:
JOHN john@mobu.org or LESLIE lbartholic@comcast.net


Join us on Wednesday evenings:

6:55 pm Join Zoom
7:00 pm Zazen
7:30 pm Reading / Discussion or Talk
8:00 pm End

The third Wednesday of the month is a silent evening
with a different schedule: 

6:55 pm Join Zoom in silence
7:00 pm Zazen
7:25 pm Kinhin (walking meditation)
7:35 pm Zazen
8:00 pm Depart Zoom in silence


Buddha’s Birthday – April 7
Sejiki – October 27
Buddha’s Enlightenment – December 8

November 24th is a zendo holiday


We offer a Saturday Program
with the following schedule and dates:

7:50 am Enter Zoom
8:00 am Robe Chant, Zazen
8:30 am Kinhin
8:40 am Zazen
9:10 am Service
9:15 am Break
9:25 am Talk
9:55 am Refuges
10:00 am End

Join us on Saturday mornings:
May 8th  
August 14th  
November 13th 

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